Mar 18th 2013
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It is no secret that our stellar guitarist leads his own musical career outside of Japhy Ryder.  In fact it could be argued that this band is merely a side project for the immensely talented Mr. duPont.  Over the last few years Zack has built a steady following for his solo work as a singer/songwriter/band leader and has just taken another step forward by officially ending the Zack duPont Band and launching the duPont Brothers Band.

In the fall of 2012 Zack and his brother Sam got the idea to merge their solo careers into a single unit.  They played an initial show at Nectars in December of 2012 and from there Sam made arrangements to move from his warm home in Arizona to the land of unpredictable weather known as Vermont.  Aside from the Brothers duPont, this band features the remaining lineup of the now defunct Zack Dupont Band: Tim Sharbaugh on drums and percussion, Peter Krag on keys, Will Andrews on trumpet and Pat Melvin on electric and acoustic basses.

Check out their fully funded Kickstarter project which acts as a formal introduction to the band as well as a means to finance the production of their debut CD/DVD project.

Here’s a little taste of that upcoming CD/DVD, an acoustic track of the Brothers playing “My Friend”

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