Celebrating 10 Years

Oct 3rd 2013
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*Post-show Update*

Wow, what a time!  We want to thank everyone who came out and showed love at the show, Saturday.  It is truly an honor and privilege to make music for all of you.  Many thanks to Otis Grove and The DuPont Brothers for bringing the fire, and most of all to the friends and fans, old and new, near and far, who made Saturday such an incredible celebration.


It’s been 10 years since we started this group in the depths of the St. Michael’s College Music Department. Over the last decade we’ve experienced many ups and downs and we’ve made it through mostly unscathed.

Band members have come and gone. Albums have been recorded in three different states and we’ve played everywhere from the deep woods of Maine to the deep woods of West Virginia, including all of the major cities, towns, and dive bars in between. Friends have been made all over the Northeast and a van was successfully run into the ground. What’s more, we’ve had one hell of a good time doing it!


Saturday, December 7th we’ll be celebrating our 10th anniversary with Signal Kitchen Presents  at Arts Riot in Burlington, VT.  We’ve got our better halves The DuPont Brothers playing, as well as the finest organ trio in New England, Otis Grove, rounding out the bill. Come on out and join the party.

tickets are available here
Lets get down!


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